Management consultants love data

Management consultants are always on the prowl for good data. After all, it is the stuff that client recommendations are made of. To a cynic, it might seem obvious. The title of this post would be a kin to: “Why chefs love ingredients” or “Why district attorneys like evidence” or “Why gardeners like sunlight.”

Even so, what exactly about the data do consultants love so much?

1. It is where the treasure is buried

2. It is free of politics

In many ways, Google embodies a corporate culture where data is king. Even executives (read: Larry, Sergey, Eric) are eager to drill down at meetings. Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Location Services, gave a talk at Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Speaker Series and explained it best when she said “Data is apolitical.” At Google, if they want to choose between two different features, they do an A/B test to see what the user prefer

3. It is an ugly mess

Gartner says that business intelligence software sales was $12B in 2011, but most will agree that it is usually not that intelligent, nor used in the business. Most pockets of data sit isolated and rarely analyzed until someone invests the sweat equity to piece it together. The uglier the data, the more likely a consultant will be hired to analyze it.

4. It can be beautiful

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